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  1. Rehoming Your Pet
  2. Spaying and Neutering Your Pet
  3. Low-Cost Pet Care
  4. Other Shelters & Rescues
  5. Lost & Found


Spaying and Neutering Your Pet 

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Rehoming Your Pet

APET understands that there are times when you may no longer be able to care for yourself or your pet – and we know that this can be a very difficult time.

  1. Submit a pet for our waiting list
    APET is a limited-admission shelter and only accepts dogs and cats when room is available; thus, we will never euthanize an animal to make space. Once an animal comes to APET, we will not euthanize that animal except in cases of untreatable illness or if the animal poses a safety risk to the community.
    Because APET commits to our animals for a lifetime, we are generally able to accept animals adopted from us back into our program barring no major health or safety concerns. If your pet was adopted from APET and you are considering returning him/her, please contact us to discuss.
  2. List your pet on Petango and Petfinder.

Low Cost Pet Care

1. Wood County Spay/Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP)

Any resident of Wood County qualifies for assistance from the commissioners court to neuter a cat or dog. There are currently four veterinarian offices who participate. The resident can choose from Lake Country Animal Clinic in Mineola, Hawkins Pet & Exotic Animal Clinic, Winnsboro Veterinary Medical Center, or Animal Hospital of Lindale. Simply call the SNAP hotline to make arrangements, then call the vet clinic to schedule an appointment. It's that easy. Call 903-760-SNAP (7627) for assistance.

2. Animal Protection League (APL)

APL has 24 locations all over East Texas as well as several mobile units that travel to smaller surrounding towns. They offer low-cost vaccinations, on a walk-in basis and also offer low-cost spay/neuter services by appointment. For more information, please visit their website at or call 903-753-7387.

Other Shelters & Rescues

  1. Animal Shelter Listings in Wood County

Lost & Found

What to do if you have lost or found an animal?

If you find or lose an animal, you must notify the shelters in the area surrounding where the pet was found. There may be a worried family looking for them, and shelters can help to reunite lost pets with their owners. Also contact surrounding veternaian offices.

Please keep in mind that stray animals may be sick, injured, or scared. Please allow the shelter or vetenarian staff to guide you through this process.

There are many ways you can continue to serve as an advocate for this pet:

You can search for the pet’s owner or list a found pet by posting flyers around the area (and spreading out over several miles), alerting local vet offices and sharing on social media and posting on  PetangoPawboost and Facebook.


Local Animal Shelters

APET Animal Shelter - limited-admission, non-profit shelter located in Mineola

Mineola City Shelter - 903-569-2252

Winnsboro City Shelter - 903-440-2743

Hawkins City Shelter - police 903-769-3628